Questar Instruction Books


The earliest Questar Instruction was apparently not a book at all but a single tri-fold piece of paper with the basic instructions listed on it.  This sheet shows all the basic functions and refers the user to the Questar 'White' Book for more information on the care and use of the Questar


Over a period of time Questar has had a number of Instruction Books for use of its Standard and Duplex Telescopes and I believe Field Model Telescopes.  I am showing below 4 different instruction books from the 1960s and early 1970s.


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The book in the 12 position is from a 1961 Questar Standard and has 16 numbered pages and measures 5 1/2" by 7".  There is an un-numbered page before page 1 and one un-numbered page after page 16. I would think this book was first issued before 1961

The book in the 3 position is from a 1963 Questar Standard and has 26 numbered pages and is also 5 1/2" by 7",  I have been told the white sticker covers up the Questar logo as seen in the instruction book in the 12 position.  Apparently Questar was changing its logo and this was the new style.  I have another copy of this book which came with a 1965 Standard Questar. This book was most likely first issued after 1961.

The book in the 6  position is from a 1967 Questar Standard and also seen with a 1962 Questar Standard (was probably not original).  This Instruction Book is 6" by 7", has a glossy cover and 29 numbered pages.  I have also come across another version of this book that has 31 numbered pages. I would think that the 29 page booklet came out in late 1966 as the Questar Duplex in pictured in it. The Questar 7 is mentioned in the 31 page book so this book probably dates from mid 1969.

The book in the 9 position is from a 1973 Questar Standard,  This also has a glossy cover and is also 6' by 7'' but has 33 numbered pages. This book has a copyright of 1973.


Questar also issued a 2 volume Instruction Book set . The first  titled Questar Instruction Book I - The Telescope and Questar Instruction Book II - Questar and the Camera.  Both books are 6" by 7'' and have 22 numbered pages.  These books are copyright 1976.  This book has the same type of glossy cover as seen in the two previous Questar Instruction Books.





In 1987 Questar published an instruction book that is the same size as the books before it but has 41 numbered pages. 


I believe that some time in the middle to late 1990's a new Questar Instruction book was issued that had 86 pages with sections A thru M.  This Questar Instruction Book is 6 1/2" by 9 1/2".  On the Table of contents page it says 'Edition 1'

Questar issued it present size Instruction Book which is also 6 1/2" by 9 1/2".  The book pictured below has 91 numbered pages and says it is revised March 2002. 


Last updated March 18, 2006